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Nora Beckjord

Nora’s journey with yoga began in the early 80’s but in the 90’s she started a sales career that involved traveling almost every week, including International travel.  The travel eventually took a toll on her body and she had a lot of neck and back pain.  She started back to yoga again in 2008 and discovered Svaroopa® yoga that she now teaches.  “After the first class I knew something had changed deep within my core.  I felt an ease in my body and my mind was calmer than it had been in years.  I became a Svaroopa® yoga teacher to deepen my personal practice and so that I could teach this amazing style of yoga to others.  I strive in every class to give the experience of a pain and tension-free body.” 

Nora has over 1000 hours of Svaroopa® yoga teacher training, and she’s certified in Embodyment® Yoga Therapy, Teaching Half Day Workshops and Prenatal Yoga.She’s also a Certified Yoga Ayurveda Specialist from the Himalayan Institute. She has been teaching since 2009 and takes regular continuing ed classes so that she can pass the knowledge gained to her students.

Charles Beckjord                 

Charles began doing Svaroopa® yoga in 2008 because he was experiencing back and sciatica pain.  The sciatica pain stopped almost immediately!  He began Teacher Training soon after and he completed his 500-hour certification in 2013.

Charles teaches slow and regenerative beginning classes that help students open and release deep spinal muscles.In this style of yoga, students can get the benefits of Hatha Yoga poses while being fully supported with appropriate props, such as blankets and blocks.“I will help you soften into a pose, without tightening up and injuring yourself, so that your spine and body open slowly and youexperience the blissful feeling that yoga offers.”

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Yoga Classes

Class Schedule:
(All classes are 90 minutes in length)

Tuesday 10:00-11:30 AM (Nora)

Wednesday 5:00-6:30 PM (Nora)

Saturday 10:00-11:30 AM (Charles or Nora)

Sunday 11:00 AM-12:30 AM (Charles or Nora)

 Class Pricing:

Drop-in: $15.00
6 Classes: $80.00
12 Classes: $140.00

Embodyment ® Yoga Therapy

Pricing for one hour sessions:
Single session: $45
Four sessions: $168
Ten Sessions: $400

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