Spring Grove yoga
Nora Beckjord • CSYT, CEYT

nora beckjord, csyt, ceyt

Svaroopa Yoga & Embodyment Yoga Therapy


We love yoga and are thrilled to have recently opened a studio in Spring Grove, MN! The holistic practice of yoga explores all aspects of who you are and can positively impact all aspects of your life. We strive to create experiences that strengthen your connection to yourself and the world around you, to guide you through movement that empowers your core, and to help you feel at ease within body and mind.

Svaroopa® yoga

Svaroopa® yoga is known for its compassionate approach to the body and specializes in releasing the layers of tension that run along your spine. This inner opening supports a wide variety of physical benefits that include stress reduction, relief from chronic or acute pain and increased flexibility. Svaroopa® yoga works with your body in a radically different way than other styles, providing support so your body can find a deep internal release. Using Hatha Yoga poses with precise alignments, props and gentle hands on adjustments, each class is designed to lead you gently into a new relationship with your body and your mind.

Classes are 90 minutes to allow for a long relaxation (Shavasana) at the beginning and end of each class. Everything you need is provided at the course. Please wear comfortable clothing and limit the use of perfumes or scents that people may be sensitive to.  This course is most effective if you can get up and down off the floor without assistance.

Class Pricing:
Drop-in: $15.00
6 Classes: $80.00
12 Classes: $140.00

Embodyment ® Yoga Therapy  

Embodyment ® is a gentle yet profound hands-on technique that helps unravel deep spinal tension to promote relief from pain and stress.  It helps the body heal itself from the inside out.

  • Feel Better

  • Relieve Tension

  • Reduce Stress

  • Restore Energy

  • Improve Mental Clarity

  • Improve Sleep

  • Help with Anxiety

  • Beneficial for Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain

  • One session can have the benefits of 6 Svaroopa ® yoga classes

Pricing for one hour sessions:
Single session: $45
Four sessions: $168
Ten Sessions: $400

Very well prepared, fostered quietness, experienced teacher.
— Ann B


What Others Are Saying…

The class is calming and exactly what I've needed at this time. — Angela C

Great to have a yoga class that accommodates and helps you transition through pregnancy. I feel like I am doing childbirth prep when doing yoga. —Anna

It's been very nice! Relaxing & seems to ease muscular stress & fatigue. — Aly K

Nora has a very easy-going personality and makes following her instruction enjoyable.
— Krista M.

Nora's knowledge and expertise are beyond superb. The most wonderful thing about her is her warm, friendly, supportive energy. I've taken yoga my entire adult life and she is absolutely the best teacher I've ever had. —Donna L.

It was very nice and very long restorative class. The handout will be helpful to get a routine at home. — Marlene H.

Very thorough— slow, well explained. — Cheryl S.

Nora's knowledge and expertise are beyond superb. The most wonderful thing about her is her warm, friendly, supportive energy. I've taken yoga my entire adult life and she is absolutely the best teacher I've ever had. — Donna L.

Nora is clear, calm, warm and grounded. I enjoyed it. — Andi SD

Nora explained poses step by step and she made sure we were doing poses correctly. I liked everything about the workshop. I liked that she combined silent and guided shavasana and gave some specific poses to help relieve neck & shoulder tightness. — Roz J

I have been practicing Svaroopa yoga for a couple of years now and still picked up a bunch of tips that I loved! Thank you! — Laura R.

The demonstrations were clear and well paced. Help with adjusting props helped. Thanks especially for the quicker easier poses that can be used during breaks in daily routine. — Jean G.

Overall very pleasant- nice energy, good music, lovely experience of New Blanket Yoga. — Seri J.

Explanations were well presented before entering poses which is very helpful vs watching and mimicking. — Cori S.

Very slow and thorough explanations plus demo. Great spine work!
— Shawn F.

I thought it was taught slow & purposeful. It was blissful & soothing. Thank you Nora! - Solveig C.

Nora has such a great presence. She is so calming and you can totally tell she wants everyone to benefit as much as they could from the .workshop. I really liked the exercises she included in the workshop. — Amy P.

Although it was new, I understood most of the instruction. I enjoyed the pace and the teacher.
— Lee G

I am a former student of Nora while she was teaching Svaroopa yoga at a St. Paul yoga studio. I attended her classes regularly for a year, usually twice per week. The regular practice helped me improve my bodily comfort and flexibility, not to mention how it helped to calm the mind. After just a few Svaroopa yoga classes, I was walking differently - so much better! My hips were moving freely, as they should. Many months and regular visits to a physical therapy office in Bloomington had produced no sustained improvement for my body. I found Nora's knowledgeable instruction, verbal cues, and individual assistance to be tremendously helpful. She's got an engaging, warm and joyful personality that can help lighten the spirit and mood of all participants. I wish I lived closer to her new home so that I could continue a regular practice under her instruction. — Jennifer S.

Very relaxing class. Plenty of time for in-depth focus on the asanas. — Michael M.

Appreciated help with the blankets & blocks. Pace was nice, voice/directions flowed well. — Tasha N.